International Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2018


This tournament is a reletively new event with three years of history. The first event of this tournament was The International Asynchronous Rock Scissors Paper Competition in 2015. Unfortunately, due to lack of marketing and horrible user interface, we had only 23 players in the last event.

In the second year 2016, we try to reach out more players by making this event more like an internation event. Similar to Olympic Games, we tried passing the host to different country in each year. With improved UI of the website, we managed to get 29 players! The event was hosted in Poland.

In the third year, we've got a hoster from yet another country. Unfornately, the hoster failed to setup the websiate on time. Therefore, the event was in hiatus.

Due to the failure of the third year, this year Sadale is taking back control of the event. The frontend is pretty much the same as the last year's one. But the backend were re-written. A few new feature were implemented like certificate and more human-friendly captcha.

We don't aim to get many players this year. We just aim to break our previous record. Certificate of Participation will be issued to all of the participants! Show it to your friends and they'll be envious. Show it to your parents and they'll be proud of you. Show it to your crush and he/she'll instantly marry you. Show it to your teacher and you can graduate from highschool immediately. Show it to Harvard or Stanford or MIT and you'll get admitted to it right away. Show it to whitehouse and you can get your student debt waived. Show it to your boss that you'll get promoted. Show it to Kim Jong Un and he'll grant you full control of his regime. So why don't you join it for this awesome certificate? :)


Sadale - Organizer, Hoster, Sysadmin and Web Developer
exezin - Supporting Organization
spoomn - Supporting Organization
Anyone is welcomed to host the next event! Please contact me at: sadale dot net at gmail dot com